2014 Stanford Stadium Intro Video from Stanford Football on Vimeo.

Pump-up video for the Stanford Football team’s entrance at 2014 home games in Stanford Stadium


2014 Preseason Highlight from Stanford Football on Vimeo.

Stanford Football motivational highlight video watched at the team hotel Aug. 29, 2014 before the season opener vs. UC Davis

neon-vagina mentioned:
duuuuuuude i'm watching the draft and i'm not super nervous but i have a feeling ben and tyler aren't going to get drafted...
I answered:

i’m kinda surprised ben went to the cowboys. i’m really happy tyler got drafted to the panthers (bc i’m from sc)
out of everything i’m the most shocked that shayne didn’t get drafted! at least he’s going to the SF & i’m positive he’ll make the roster & play some this season.

neon-vagina mentioned:
dude you're one of my fav blogs lol... i was like "nooooo they abandoned the bloooog!1!11"
I answered:

thank you! :-) i will never abandon this blog. i’ve just been very stress out with school & i haven’t updated it the way i should.

i’m alive! hey everyone. my life has been crazy with school & trying to get a job! i promise i’ll update really soon. i love you all & i’m very sorry!


If you can win after throwing 3 INTs, having Donald Brown as your primary rusher, and throwing to a second-year receiver no one’s allowed to hate you.

The Colts were down, and presumably out, after trailing 38-10 entering the second half. They won 45-44.